[SOLD] ODAC + O2 Combo (with mods)

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  1. TypodCrowd
    For Sale
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    • North America
    As with most of my ads, title says it all.

    Awesome sound, great reference grade DAC + AMP combo. Selling to get some cash together for other gear.

    Used mostly in the office to power:
    - Mr. Speakers Alpha Primes (for sale here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/mr-speakers-alpha-prime-bal-blue-dragon-cable-se.871662/)
    - Etymotic ER4S (for sale here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/etymotic-er4s-all-orig-accessories.871665/)

    Bundling with any of these will naturally save you shipping.

    - Swapped 3.5mm headphone out for 6.3mm
    - Added a parallel RCA out to the 3.5mm DAC line out

    Price includes PP & shipping to CONUS. Feel free to PM with questions.

    I've made it a habit to test all my gear before I send it out - I'll do the same with this of course.
    IMG_20180206_194918.jpg IMG_20180206_194925.jpg IMG_20180206_195008.jpg
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  2. merajsalek
  3. TypodCrowd
    Bumpin like liil Mc. Drizzle.
  4. selvakumar
    purchase date and does have any warranty
  5. TypodCrowd
    Purchased more than a year ago; no warranty. Note the mods.

    However, John at JDS Labs assured me that my changes would not affect the operation, output, noise, volume, or any other measurable loss in performance.
  6. TypodCrowd
    Bumping. New equivalent is $329. Willing to bundle with my other items for shipping; pairs pretty well with the Alpha Prime's.
  7. TypodCrowd
    Bumping again. need cash for other upgrades. Awesome and well loved combo.
  8. TypodCrowd
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