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(SOLD) Obravo EAMT-1C in ear monitors

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  1. fiascogarcia
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Reluctantly, I'm am selling a pair of Obravo EAMT-1C TOTL iems. It is a unique semi open 2 driver system, consisting of a 13mm Dynamic Neodymium Driver (deep, impactful bass) and an 8mm air motion transformer tweeter (heil technology, with smooth yet very detailed treble). Brand new, their current price range is from $3,500 to $4,000. I love these iems, but I am selling them because I now have a need for something with more isolation than these offer. I encourage you to google reviews on these, you will find some great descriptions of their superlative sound. They offer, IMO, a very full size headphone like experience, very natural instrument timbre and uncompromised soundstage.

    - Please note that there are some small dents in the screens that cover the opening of the sound tubes. They are very slight and hard to capture in a photo, but perceptible. No effect to the sound, but it is an aesthetic consideration.

    I will not lie, these iems require some time finding the right tips to give you the perfect fit and sound quality. Sound signature will change with different tips. When you hit on the right tips for you, you will be well rewarded with superb SQ! Also, they scale incredibly well, and optimal performance, IMO, is reached with a DAP or amp with adequate power. I personally love them matched with the Hugo.

    I will ship these with original packaging, the stock storage case (unused), a 3.5mm to 6.3mm TRS adapter, the stock 48 inch 3.5mm TRS cable, and a 64 inch Moon Audio Silver Dragon with RSA termination. As a bonus, I will include a DHC hypershort RSA to 3.5mm TRS adapter and a DIY RSA to 2.5mm TRRS adapter.

    Also included are the stock S and M size Comply tips and S and M "Voodoo" silicone tips originally included with the phones. If you happen to use size L tips, I will throw in an unused pair of each of the following: Spinfits, JVC Spiral Dots, Symbio W, RHA double flange, Sony double flange, and UE silicone tips.

    Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. I will only ship CONUS at this time, to a PayPal authorized address and will ship FedEx signature required. I request gift payment for buyers with no feedback. No trade offers please.

    Note: Regarding the offer price, I have significantly discounted these knowing they are a niche market iem. They are semi open, so not the best iem for use when commuting or in noisy environments, and they thrive on higher quality recordings. Also, I realize that most have never auditioned these, or have only auditioned in the aforementioned noisy environments of audio shows. Consequently, I wanted to price them near or below the prices of better known competing TOTL iems, hoping some lucky buyer will find them as satisfying as I have.
    Thanks for your consideration.

    Obravo sale 01.jpg Obravo sale 02.jpg Obravo sale 03.jpg Obravo sale 04.jpg Obravo sale 04b.jpg Obravo sale 05.jpg Obravo sale 06.jpg Obravo sale 07.jpg Obravo specs.JPG
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
  2. abdullah1
    What a deal! Good luck with the sale
  3. fiascogarcia
    Thanks! I'm sure I will have regrets selling these.
  4. fiascogarcia

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