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**SOLD**: Null Audio Custom 8-Braid Lune MKV, MMCX 2.5mm Cable

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  1. jaker782
    For Sale or Trade
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    I have the following cables for sale or trade. All include original packaging. Prices include PayPal fees and shipping within CONUS.

    **SOLD** - Null Audio custom 8-wire Lune MKV MMCX 2.5mm balanced (normal Lune is 4-wire). This cable is brand new, just recieved last week from Null Audio. Beautiful cable. Despite the 8 strands, cable is extremely soft and supple. I much prefer it to the standard 4 wire version. If desired, I can throw in an Ibasso CA02 2.5mm to 4.4mm adapter for free.

    **SOLD** - Effect Audio Ares II MMCX 2.5mm balanced. Second owner, great condition.

    **SOLD** - Null Audio Arete MKIII 2-pin 2.5mm balanced, smoked black with lower half sheathed for tangle resistance. Original owner, mint condition.

    Looking for cash or trade for an MMCX cable terminated to 4.4mm balanced.

    Thanks for looking!
    20181208_084114.jpg 20181208_084153.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
  2. jaker782
  3. jaker782
    Lune still available, others sold!
  4. jaker782
    Price drop!

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