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SOLD : Norne Audio Balanced Silver Audeze Headphone Cable

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  1. Skooks
    SOLD/SOLD/SOLD Up for sale is an excellent Norne Audio Custom Silver Balanced Headphone Cable... 5 feet long... $175.00 USD.
    This silver cable was custom made for me by Trevor Goldman / Norne Audio, and it is pure silver... actually 4x21awg silver occ litz per polairty. It is a quad braid with a single sleeve over it. It has a blue/charcoal sleeve and premium connectors... with the amp end being a 4 pin XLR.
    I have the original Norne Audio box, carrying pouch and dust cloth.
    This is an excellent sounding cable with my Audeze LCD-3F Headphones... and it should be with any Audeze Headphone. It has a very clean sound with excellent transparency. It has been nicely broken in and should sound very good to begin with.
    I will accept payment thru PayPal, and I will pay shipping in the Continental USA and PayPal fee at my asking price.
    Thanks for looking!

    Silver.1.jpg Silver.2.jpg Silver.3.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2017
  2. chefboyarlee
    Do you know the model name of this cable? Picture?
  3. Skooks
    I don't know what happened to the pictures... I put 3 in the ad... but, I see they disappeared. I will have to take more and get them up.
    This is a custom made cable that Trevor Goldman made for me. It is a pure silver cable and very good. You can drop Trevor an email and ask him more about it. He's just made me another copper cable... that's the reason I'm parting with the 2 now.
  4. Skooks
    I have the pictures up... somehow they disappeared when I first posted the ad.
    This is a custom cable made for me by Trevor Goldman/Norne Audio... he's a friend of mine. So, there is no model name. You can email Trevor and ask him more, if you want.
    He looked at my ads and said I way underpriced this silver cable... but, I can't up the price now.
    Thanks for looking!
  5. chefboyarlee
    I’ll take it. Pm sent
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