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SOLD : Noble Audio Wizard Savant (Price Drop)

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  1. caecillius
    Learned that IEM's just aren't for me so looking to send to a good home. I'm the second owner of these Wizards, purchased here a year ago. Comes with Pelican case, rubber bands, cleaning brush, and most of the unused ear tips. Nice neutral sound, not for bassheads. Looking for Schiit Saga or Jotunheim plus cash from me for trade. Otherwise, $255 with free shipping and no fees. Photo Aug 29, 5 10 27 AM.jpg Photo Aug 29, 5 10 35 AM.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2017
  2. caecillius
    Bump with price drop from $275 to $255.
  3. caecillius
  4. caecillius
  5. caecillius
Thread Status:
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