SOLD: Nintendo DS Lite, Onyx (+ Acekard 2 w/ 1GB Kingston)
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May 3, 2005
Brand new DS Lite Onyx, purchased from a month or two ago, used less than 20 hours, mint condition.
Additionally, screen protectors have been placed on the top and bottom screens. This comes with all original packaging.

At your option I'll include an Acekard 2 w/ a 1GB Kingston microSD. The Acekard is a slot1 cartridge with which you can use various homebrew applications, such as open source web browsers or independently developed games.

Here's a fairly full list of applications and games you can run using an Acekard: List of Nintendo DS homebrew - Wikipedia


I previously owned a DS which I sold to chadbang. This is my second DS Lite purchase. It's really a great system, I just don't have the time for games anymore.

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