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SOLD: New PlusSound Audio 2pin 3.5mm Copper Exo Series Litz T6 Cable

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  1. buonassi
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States

    Received this from a known reviewer. He had this shipped to him from PlusSound after winning it in a raffle from canjam. He never used it and just got around to selling it. I nabbed it up quickly and paid his full asking price ($SOLD), but ultimately don't need it because I decided to stick with my thinner gauge PlusSound exo. I will probably regret selling this but for now I'm looking to recover most of what I paid.

    EVEN more pics here

    I used it for about a week (a few hours each) - otherwise brand new and ships with original box and instruction card. I only connected the 2 pins twice and 3.5mm jack 10-15 times to test, I also tested that the cable was wired correctly for continuity (and it is).

    price includes shipping and paypal - firm on the price as this is a $200 conductor. It is 26 gauge as opposed to their 'ready to ship' variants that are 28 gauge (still good cables).
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2018
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  2. 62ftsbot
    does the thinner gauge make a big sound difference? Is that why you keep it
  3. buonassi
    Back on sale. Only change is I used it a couple days to see how it fared in real-world use. I'm certain I want to sell this now and will be keeping my other PlusSound cable.
  4. buonassi
    Price drop
  5. buonassi
  6. buonassi
  7. buonassi
    price drop

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