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**SOLD**: Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Platinum

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  1. jaker782
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    I've again decided to sell off some higher end desktop gear due to lack of use and a need for some extra cash. On the chopping block is my Monoprice Liquid Platinum headphone amp, which is in excellent cosmetic and working condition with no dents, scratches, defects, etc. of note. I purchased it in July from Amazon and have only used it sparingly indoors in a smoke-free home. The unit will come with the original packaging, power cord, and stock tubes.

    I am also including a pair of Canare GS-6 RCA interconnects with this sale. See included photos.

    I can also include a pair of matched Brimar CV2492 tubes for an additional $50 that I purchased recently on Ebay. SOLD.

    Price includes shipping within CONUS with insurance and tracking. Buyer to add $15 to help cover PayPal fees, unless payment is made via friends and family transaction (I have excellent feedback, so buy with confidence!).

    Please let me know if you have any questions, and as always, thanks for looking!

    20190812_203039.png 20190812_203046.png 20190812_203101.png 20190812_203118.png 20190812_203127.png
    20190820_193328.jpg 20190820_193217.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
  2. jaker782
    Upgrade tubes sold, price lowered on amp.
  3. jaker782
  4. newtophones07
    Very nice deal!! Do you have the latest version, with the improved gain structure?
  5. jaker782
    Good question! I'm not sure how to tell. I would think so since it is less than 2 months old.
  6. Wes S
    Has that even been confirmed? Not that I am aware. This is a great deal, and a killer amp! Good luck with sale.
  7. newtophones07

    Either way this is an EXCELLENT price.
  8. jaker782
    Wes S likes this.
  9. kumar402
    Killer amp and headphone Combo.
    Can't beat this setup for $1500
    Free bump
    Wes S likes this.
  10. superfrognyc
  11. jaker782
    Still available. Price drop.
  12. jaker782
  13. jaker782
    I am also including a pair of Canare GS-6 RCA interconnects with this sale. See updated pics.
  14. newtophones07
    Crazy good price, I am amazed this is still here
  15. knivek
    How would this compare to a Schiit Mjolinir?

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