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SOLD Modi2U/Vali2 Stack, incl. Cables and Extra Tubes

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  1. Matthew420
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    I'm moving to a balanced setup, so I'm selling my Schiit Modi 2 Uber -> Vali 2 stack. I'm the first owner, the pieces show minimal wear, and I still have the original factory packaging.

    In addition to the DAC and amp, I'm including the PYST RCA cables to link them together, as well as a short USB 2 cable to connect the Modi to the computer.

    Also included are eight (8) spare tubes: one each of RCA, Sylvania, National Union, and five of the GE tubes like the Vali 2 ships with. I tried a few alternatives before deciding that tube rolling was doing nothing for me, and stocked up on the factory default. The four GE tubes rubber banded together I have not used; all the other tubes have low usage hours logged so far.

    Price includes USPS shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees.




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  2. Matthew420
  3. kungapa
  4. Matthew420
  5. Cfnovak
    Hello. I am interested in you DAC and Amp. How will this pair with a Pair of Sennheiser 6XXs for gaming and media?
  6. Matthew420
    I haven't heard the 6xx's, because I kind of have to use closed-back headphones. (God knows, I want a pair. It's clearly the best deal in headphones.)

    But from what I can tell from Internet research, that's a good pairing. Although the 6xx's have a relatively high impedance, they're also pretty sensitive. The Vali's output at 300 ohms is still plenty to drive them at 103 dB sensitivity.

    And the reviews I've read say the 650/6xx pair well with tubes, and the Vali 2 gives a nice tube flavor. As I mentioned in my ad, I'm moving to a balanced setup, and I went with a Jotunheim. I'm definitely a believer in Schiit's gear after using the Vali and Modi for a couple years. Like those 6xx's, Schiit provides a way to get mid-fi gear at entry-level prices.

    Let me know if there's any other info I can give you.

    Cfnovak likes this.
  7. Cfnovak
  8. Joseph021012
    Hey is it sold? Just want to know
  9. Cfnovak
    Posted Payment! Thanks!

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