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SOLD: modded DAC-AH

  1. Mazuki
    I'm putting up an extensively modded DAC-AH for sale. The reason I'm selling is because I recently bought a TDA1541 DAC, so this one's gotta go.


    Mods include:

    1. Replaced all power supply caps Nichicon UPW, AVX film
    2. Rectifier bridges replaced with Fairchild 8A 400V
    3. DAC regulators changed to LM7808, 8V regulators
    4. Heatsinks attached to each individual DAC chip
    5. DAC chips decoupled with Wima MKP caps
    6. Output jacks replaced with Neutrik
    7. Entirely new discrete solid state output stage fed by Tread power supply.

    The details of the output stage can be found on DIY Paradise. It's very neutral and increases gain. Output coupling caps are 22uF Russian film.

    Overall, compared to a stock DAC-AH shown below, this is a whole different DAC.


    I would like to get SOLD.

    Feedback is here.

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