SOLD: Modded Cayin HA-1A
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Sep 10, 2006
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This amp has been great to me. It was made in 2007 and I am the second owner. I bought it on audiogon for $ shipped. It had some scratches on the outside (still does) and came with stock tubes. You'll receive the following tubes:

Inside the amp:
RCA 12AU7 clear top
Sovtek 12AX7LPS
2 x Russian 6P14P-EV

Also included:

Stock 12AU7
Stock 12AX7
2 x Russian 6P14P-EV (extras, NOS in box)

I also replaced four of the capacitors on the amplifier section inside the map. Each channel had a stock cap replaced with a standard 50v 100uF Blackgate and in another position a stock cap replaced with a 1uF 640v SoniCap Gen1. The result was a punchier sounding amp, with a little more clarity. It didn't really change the sound, but rather improved it.

This amp sounds great and is a tube-roller's delight. You can have a lot of fun as the tubes dramatically impact the sound of the amp. I am selling it not because I don't like it sound, it sounds fantastic, synergizes quite well with the rest of my setup. I am simply ready to move up. I am going to start buying parts to build a balanced B22, in the interim I will use the integrated amp on my DAC1.


see the clear top?

you can see a black gate on the left of this picture, and a big white sonicap on the right, its the same on the other side of the amp.


I will also thrown in a hospital grade power cord!

Feedback in signature, PM if interested. Looking for a super quick sale because I'm home from college and will have to return in a week and packing this up will be a lot easier while I'm home.
$SOLD USD shipped, CONUS only.

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