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SOLD: Mjolnir Audio Dynalo MK2 Pure Bipolar Headphone Amp

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  1. BombayTheIndian
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    I purchased this amp ~3 months ago from Head-Fi member ken6217 for $1,500. He purchased it new directly from Birgir (Spritzer) at Mjolnir Audio ~6 months before that for $2,100 + shipping.

    I used this amp with Audeze LCD-4 and Focal Utopias, and it was equally impressive with both. Ken's description really nails this amp right on the head:

    "I have owned amps from Auralic Taurus MK2, Sim HA430, Violectric V281, Eddie Current Balancing Act, and nothing sounds like the Dynalo MK2. It can handle any headphone you throw at it.
    Anyone familiar with Birgir (Spritzer), know of his amp designs. I have included a link to the amp, and well as Bob Katz's review in Inner Fidelity, in which he liked the amp so much, he purchased one. I have used this amp with My Audeze LCD-4 headphones. Truly amazing sounding."

    I also had the opportunity to hear both of my headphones with this amp directly against a HeadAmp GS-X Mk2 (I believe the amp designs are incredibly similar, but the GS-X uses a separate chassis for the power supply). I thought that this Dynalo amp much better: it isn't bright at all (I couldn't listen to the Utopias on the GS-X because of the brightness), and had a more full-bodied sound overall.

    This amp outputs 1W in pure class A. With the LCD-4s, I never had to go above 12 o'clock on the volume. With the Utopias, I never had to go above 25%.

    I'm selling this for $1,400 + split PayPal and UPS fees. I have a business account so there is usually 20% savings there.

    IMG_3053.jpg IMG_3055.jpg IMG_3056.jpg IMG_3057.jpg
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