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[Sold][Mint][Price drop] Abyss 1266 Superconductor cable. 1.8m XLR 4-pin [PP+3day Fedex included in price]

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  1. mahesvara
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    •   United States
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    For sale is my 1266 Superconductor headphones cable, 1.8m, terminated in XLR-4pin in mint condition. Pricing includes PayPal fee and Fedex 3-day.

    To clarify: this cable is meant for the 1266 series (original, CC, TC) and not the Diana series.

    For sale because I bought TC but ended up returning the TC. Because the cable is a custom order it can't be returned. TC is amazing if you have the right gear and the right music. Unfortunately, 99% of my music (JP animation soundtrack) are not well mastered enough and TC showed all of the flaws in my music to the point the tracks are unlistenable.

    The cable itself is amazing and is a league ahead of the stock cable. As I mentioned above, it's in mint condition (I got it at the beginning of July 2019) and I've cared for it like eggshell. Fedex 3-day to CONUS and PayPal fee is included.

    Please don't lowball :) The MSRP for this exact cable with 1.8m length is $2,349.00

    IMG_0702.JPG IMG_0703.JPG IMG_0704.JPG
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  2. mahesvara
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  3. mahesvara
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  5. mahesvara
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