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[SOLD] Mint iBasso DX220 with BLACK leather case

Trader History (3)
  1. Nayparm
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    For sale is my 2 week old mint DX220. It is pristine with zero marks and has had protectors since the second it was opened. It took that long to come i'd bought an LPGT and also modded my xuelin ihifi990 to beyond my expectations in that time. I'd also pre-ordered an N6ii :/ so as well as being skint I don't see the need for owning 2 new android daps. The brown leather case has been died black and is absolutely perfect, you'd never know and looks 1000 times better. The firmware is the latest and has lurkers add on for googleplay etc. It is also rooted and magisk installed. I added the fantastic immersive app to have a full screen option in all apps.

    Now selling separately
    [SOLD] DX220 - £650 plus shipping to anywhere
    [SOLD] AMP8 - £99 plus shipping to anywhere

    IMG_20190611_212759.jpg IMG_20190611_213917.jpg IMG_20190611_212831.jpg IMG_20190611_213926.jpg IMG_20190611_212906.jpg IMG_20190611_213949.jpg IMG_20190611_212918.jpg IMG_20190611_213628.jpg IMG_20190611_213702.jpg IMG_20190611_213737.jpg IMG_20190611_212751.jpg IMG_20190611_213809.jpg IMG_20190611_213537.jpg IMG_20190611_213613.jpg IMG_20190611_213520.jpg IMG_20190611_213339.jpg IMG_20190611_213401.jpg IMG_20190611_213430.jpg IMG_20190611_213436.jpg IMG_20190611_213023.jpg IMG_20190611_213244.jpg IMG_20190611_213302.jpg IMG_20190611_213323.jpg IMG_20190611_214115.jpg IMG_20190611_214157.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  2. Nayparm
  3. Nayparm
    Now selling separately
    DX220 - £650 plus shipping to anywhere
    AMP8 - £99 plus shipping to anywhere

    Buy both together deal £720 plus shipping to anywhere
  4. beemarman

    I'll take the AMP8 for £110 incl fees and postage?
  5. Nayparm
    Hi Beemarman, sorry mate it literally sold 4mins ago I was just heading to the listing to edit it.


  6. Nayparm
    Now Sold

    Thanks all

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