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SOLD: Millet Starving Student Hybrid

  1. Mazuki
    I built this about a month ago just for fun, but as I don't really have a use for it, it's going up for sale.

    Details of the amp design can be found on Pete Millet's site. Misc details of my amp include:

    Nichicon UPW capacitors
    Russian film coupling caps
    Teflon coated wire throughout
    Two sets of inputs (mini and RCA)
    24 step attenuator
    Kilo knob

    The amp will come with two RCA 19J6 tubes and two Cisco power supplies. One PS can output 0.38A while the larger one can output a whopping 1.25A at 48 volts.

    If you're wondering about heat, the two black heatsinks and the case itself all serve as dissipators. It can get hot, but never too hot to touch.

    I'd like to get $OLD shipped, Paypal, Conus. Feedback here





  2. Mazuki
    Sold, wow, only 3 hours
  3. ppxnouse
    Well. One of the most beautiful Millets I have ever seen.
    Sad it is gone .

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