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**SOLD**: Meze 99 Classics Maple Silver (brand new, small pads, extra cables)

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  1. The Correlation
    For Sale
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    •   United Kingdom
    Up for sale is my new and very rare Maple Silver 99 Classics with the small pads, which sound better than the new big pads (that brought in more bass). These arrived 2 weeks ago and shipped from Romania from Antonio Meze. I am selling them as I now need the funds and need to downsize the headphone collection (I'm probably only keeping my HD800). I have worn them only once, indoors, so they are essentially completely new and complete.

    Comes with all packaging and extra accessories, including 4 cables in total (2 more than usual), plus the carry case, airplane adaptor, and 1/4 inch adaptor.

    I'm based in London and am happy to meet up locally, as well as ship within the UK.

    Thanks for viewing!
    Jean Marc
    20180426_154756.jpg 20180426_155108.jpg 20180426_155207.jpg 20180426_155239.jpg 20180426_155936.jpg 20180427_105547.jpg
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  2. The Correlation
    bump and price drop

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