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Sold Meier Opera

  1. XLR1
    For Sale: Meier Corda Opera analog (non-DAC) amplifier.  I am asking $OLD including Paypal and shipping in CONUS.  I will include an upgrade power cord and owners manual.  This is a great headphone amp.  Here are reviews of the Opera on HeadFi:
    I am selling this amp because I now have 2 top-of-the line amps, but the Beta 22 cost more so it must be better (right?).  The Opera is in excellent condition except for a few scratches that cannot be seen from the front (see pics).  I bought the Opera from another HeadFier about 6 months ago; it works flawlessly. 
    Feedback: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/476127/xlr1
  2. kboe
    Free bump for one great Head-Fi'er.  
  3. XLR1
  4. XLR1
  5. XLR1
  6. sluker
    If this is a non DAC model, what is the USB input for?
  7. XLR1
    I believe the USB input is for possible future upgrade by Dr. Meier (or do it yourself project).  I have always used an external DAC with it.  Actually, I never tested the USB to be sure nothing is connected, so I guess it is possible I misunderstood, but I am only promising the amp.
  8. itsborken Contributor
    If this is the analog version the usb is disabled because the onboard DAC was faulty.  Rather than repair it Dr. Meier cut the cost and sold it as analog.  The DAC won't work unless you are technically adept enough to figure out something its designer either couldn't or didn't want to spend the effort doing.
  9. XLR1
  10. XLR1
  11. sluker
    Is this thing a good match for the K 701s? I have the head-five and was disappointed that it does not realy push the 701, however it is good with my other phones.
  12. XLR1


    I can only guess since I have never heard the K701.  All of my headphones work well with both of my amps, but I believe that because the Opera is slightly warm (fuller vocals like a tube amp), that my Senn HD800s sound better with the Opera than with my Beta 22.  For that reason I believe that the the K701 would also match better with the Opera than the Beta 22.  On the other hand, my Beyer T1s which are slightly warm work better with my Beta 22. 
  13. XLR1
    SOLD.  Thanks for looking.

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