SOLD: Meier Corda HeadFive
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Uncle Erik

Uncle Exotic
Mar 18, 2006
Asking $SOLD, shipped, insured and tracked.

This one is serial number CA-120. It's had 500-600 hours since purchase. Very light, barely noticeable scratches on top. Fully functional, sounds great. I think I have the blue bag around somewhere, I will try to find it. If it turns up, I will send it with the amp. If it turns up later, I'll send it separately. I will also include a generic power cord if the buyer would like one. I do not have the original box or packing materials, though I promise to pack it carefully.

I am selling it to clear out unused gear and to help fund the purchase of a Zana Deux. Don't expect to use the HeadFive much once the Zana arrives, so I figured another Head-Fi'er should have it.

Terms, conditions, etc.:

1. I will be out of the country between December 26, 2007 and January 6, 2008. I will not be able to respond to PMs or e-mail until I get back and cannot ship anything between those dates.

2. Since Head-Fi is not hosting photos, I would be more than happy to e-mail you photos of this item. Just drop me a line with your e-mail address and I'll mail them to you. If you want a closeup of something in particular, or a certain angle, or whatever, just ask. I'll take any photo you want.

3. The price is inclusive of shipping, insurance and tracking. I like round numbers. And United States only, please. On eBay, I've been ripped off on a number of international transactions. I like to keep things in the US, and this is why I pay for insurance and tracking.

4. I would like payment by PayPal and I will absorb the fee. If you can't do PayPal, I will accept only a USPS money order. I will not accept any amount over the agreed-upon price or any of that funny business. Shipping to PayPal verified addresses ONLY if using PayPal. Please do not ask me to arrange payment or shipping through a third party; I will not do that.

5. I am not interested in trades at this time.

6. I have made only a handful of transactions here, but have about a 325 rating at eBay. You can look me up as "uncleerik" and feel free to send me a message through eBay if you want to verify that it's me.

7. This item is in good, working condition. I will pack this item to the best of my ability. Should there be damage in shipping, we will submit an insurance claim. If this happens, I will cooperate fully and do everything I can to make sure the claim is successful.

8. Shipping will be through the United States Postal Service. I will ship ground, though I will send it faster if you pay the actual difference.

9. The first person who sends me a PM with an acceptable offer will get this item. If that person does not complete the sale, I will consider the others in the order they were received.

10. The item will be clean when shipped. Non-smoking household, no indoor pets, and the children (niece and nephews) are not allowed to touch the audio gear when they visit. Before packing, I will clean dust and fingerprints off the item so it looks great when you open it.

I will answer any questions and will do what it takes to make a successful sale.

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