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    Up for sale is my Corda StageDAC. I am the second owner, bought it here for $575 in June 2011.

    Perfectly functional
    8/10 for a couple of dings in the top left corner

    Lots of switches to play with digital filters, oversampling, cross-feed (BTW, Meier aficionados, all switches are solid and performing as they should) and lots of details in the manual about what they do.

    This is a tonally neutral DAC, rich in microdetail. Compared to Oppo BDP105 lacks a bit of impact, but it is also a lot less fatiguing. Would be an excellent source for an office setup. Notice that the USB 1.1 input goes to 16/48 while the coax/optical inputs support 24/192. On the plus side, the USB receiver works plug-and-play pretty much with anything.

    Have the manual, power cord, and original shipping box.

    Price is $195 shipped to the 48 US, paypal fees on me. $40 discount for local SF Bay Area pickup, cash payment.
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  3. calaf Contributor
    Price reduced to $220
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  5. calaf Contributor
    final price reduction: $195, firm. $165 for local Bay Area pickup cash payment.
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    Sold, thank you!

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