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SOLD: Matrix M-Stage (2nd Version) Headphone Amp

  1. alphaphoenix
    You're not located in Singapore are you?  If not, you might want to disclose if differenty.  I would buy this from you if I hadn't just bought one from fleabay for $50 more.
  2. AudioDelite
    Ops, thanks alot, maybe that's why people arent offering? I'm staying in the US, I only sell CONUS.
  3. Kuze


    There you go, that was your problem, and yes there is plenty of interest surrounding this amp, headfonia featured it two weeks ago http://www.headfonia.com/matrix-m-stage/ and the M-stage thread is still buzzing http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/475618/matrix-m-stage-amp-review-simple-cheap-and-excellent/840#post_6913637
    But if you really want to be taken seriously update your picture with your user name and date written on a paper, good luck.
  4. AudioDelite
    Thanks alot Kuze! Yeah I guess I never really thought it would be a "trust" issue here since I've sold items that are 200USD + the past month on this forums. 
    I'm going to update the picture with my user name and date on it, cheers! Thanks for the links btw!
  5. AudioDelite
    Pictures updated, thanks for looking!
  6. gav007
    If I didn't already have one I would jump on this, this is a great deal!
  7. AudioDelite
  8. AudioDelite
  9. AudioDelite
  10. AudioDelite
  11. Zinterax
    Surprised this still hasn't sold. Very good amp at a great price.
  12. beachgeek

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