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SOLD: Matrix M-Stage (2nd Version) Headphone Amp

  1. AudioDelite
    Hello fellow Head-Fi'ers,
    I'm selling the latest (second) version of the Matrix M-Stage amp, which is black in color. It is in very good condition, no visible scratches or flaws. It comes with an US power adapter. I will be shipping this from Indiana, USA.
    For the moment I'm selling this in CONUS, for $OLD USD, I will cover shipping fees. Email me at ma_junyan@hotmail.com, or PM me.
    Thanks for looking!
  2. SGSeeker
    Color? Pictures? Any references?
  3. AudioDelite
    It's black in color, I'll post pictures in a day or so, by references you mean feedback? Feedback's in my signature :)
  4. SGSeeker
    Oh, whoops - didn't see that. I'll wait for pictures before committing to anything - just to complete the trust :wink:
  5. AudioDelite
    bump, pictures added!
  6. AudioDelite
  7. gav007
    Free bump for a good deal
  8. AudioDelite
    thanks! bump!
  9. AudioDelite
  10. RockinCannoisseur
    newer 2nd version???
  11. AudioDelite
    Yep, this is the latest, 2nd version
  12. AudioDelite
  13. AudioDelite
    bump, price lowered!
  14. Kuze
    Maybe because you're new no one wants to bite, but that's a good deal.
  15. AudioDelite
    I've sold 3 items in this forum for the past 1 month..all good feedback.. so I don't know if it's because of I'm new, or just there isn't too much interest in this amp :)

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