***** SOLD: Mark Lawton Audio Modified Denon AH-D2000 (MD2000). Basically New. Trade HD650 / 600 *****
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Mar 18, 2010
SOLD - Thank you! 
Mark Lawton Modified Denon MD2000
Superb condition, with box & certificate, $300
Trade for Sennheiser HD600
Hey everybody, 

(I will load photos Friday, July 30).
If you've been following my latest posts, I had an accident which caused my ears to be extremely sensitive and ring often.  I know.  I know.  Not something any of us wants to have happen to us.  

But as such, I can no longer handle the awesome bass produced by the D2000.  I've done many experiments, and this is the way it is.  So, my modified MD2000 is up for sale.
As for sound quality, I've written many posts, but essentially these are the BEST headphones I have ever heard, and I had long plans to continue improving them through Mark's service, with a better cable and custom wood cups. 

I'm (hopefully!) assuming these will not last long, so if you want me faster send me an email rather than a PM.
Lawton Audio Certificate #10267
Date of Modification:  4-12-10
Base Headphone:  Denon AH-D2000
Chassis/cup damping applied by Lawton Audio.
Extra padding in ear pads installed by Lawton Audio.
These are basically new. They were purchased one week before sending to Mark.  They have no cosmetic damage of any kind with the single exception of some small scuffs on the right ear cup, which are only perceptible in the right light.  Basically, they are like new.
These headphones have 100 hours burn-in, plus another 100 hours of moderate use through a high quality amp at minimal volumes (because of my ears).
These headphones have never left my room. They have never been around smoke or pets.  They have never been used by anyone but me, your typically OCD Head-Fi member.
I do have the original box in excellent condition and, I think, the manual if it came with one is around here somewhere.
Price / Details / Shipping Costs:
I am asking $300 and I will split PayPal and Shipping costs with you.  This is about $100 less than Mark, or doing a DIY with separate purchase, when you include shipping to and from his company, and again, they are basically new.
I am looking to trade for a Senn HD650 or 600 in similar condition.  It must never have been around smoke or pets.  Not once, not ever, because I have serious allergies (I get shots three times weekly, OK?)  Box and such is not an issue for me.
All shipping will be professionally packed AND insured.  Costs a little more, but worth it!!!  I will not ship uninsured, sorry.  I estimate TOTAL cost about between $15 - $20 depending on where you are.  I will include a copy of the shipping receipt if you would like. 
I will ship internationally, and have done so over 100 times before including my own stuff when I lived in Europe, but it is fully at your risk.
I have a small rep here on Head-Fi, but I have 105 ratings at 100% on eBay, and 39+ ratings at 100% on Amazon, under the same login "kouzelna."
Thank You:  

Thanks for your help and interest.  If I've left something out, please tell me and I'll edit this post.

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Jun 8, 2008
Just a few questions:
1) Does it come with original packaging.
2) A proof Certificate from Lawston.
3) Are the sides Lawston woodies.
4) Are the cables upgraded.
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Mar 18, 2010
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. No.
4. No
I answered all of these in my add text, and listed the certificate number.  Mark will remember me as well, I deluged the poor guy with questions.  I was planning on doing higher upgrades later as I had funds, and in fact was right about to order woodies and a D7000 cable.  However, this unfortunate turn of events has forced me to place them up for sale and purchase a leaner can, an open such as a K701 or HD600.
The good news is, you get them cheaper, you get to choose your own wood based on your tonality preference as every one is different, and you get to choose your own cable.  :D  They are in basically brand new condition and have never been mistreated.
Thanks for your interest on that.  :D

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