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For sale is a modified Mac mini by Mach2 Music. They went out of business some time ago, but they made some big waves in the audio world with their modified Macs. When new, the Mach2 Mac mini was $1649.

This is a mid-2011 Mac mini with a 2.5 GHz intel i5 CPU. As part of their upgrade package, Mach2 Music installed a SATA III 60GB SSD drive and maxed out the RAM to 8GB. I am the second owner. According to the original owner, there are also wiring upgrades and improved chassis isolation. I haven't verified this but have no reason to doubt it. All I know is that it sounds fantastic. I used it exclusively as a dedicated Roon Core server and it performed brilliantly.

I'm also including another big upgrade: a 1.5m Nordost Purple Flare C7 power cord. It made noticeable improvements top to bottom over the stock cable, so it only makes sense to sell together as a package.

Both the Mac and the power cable are in excellent condition and sound wonderful together. Because I only used the Mac as a Roon core server (I stored my music files on a NAS) it never ran hard. The intel i5, SSD and 8GB RAM are overkill for that purpose. It is very fast and quiet. I never had an issue with it for the entire time I've had the pleasure of using it.

Only selling because I upgraded to a megabuck server. For the price, this combo seriously can't be beat. You can google "Mach2 Music mac mini" to find plenty of info, reviews and feedback.

Shipping a flat $35 within CONUS. PP fees are extra, or I'll gladly accept PP friends option to save fees. Please see my feedback and buy with confidence.

Note -- There may be more room available on the hard drive than what is on the screen shot. It was taken when Roon was installed. It has a clean install of High Sierra.


I also have a Synology NAS and GigaFOIL v4 ethernet filter for sale. All three make an excellent end to end music system! Please inquire if interested.


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