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SOLD! M2Tech Hitech Two + 75ohm coax cable

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  1. Baten
    For Sale
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    For sale 192 Khz capable SPDIF interface ((coaxical connector, not BNC))

    M2Tech Hiface Two. I used this for many years to avoid noisy usb port inputs into my dac, spdif is super clean and doesn't break the bank compared to usb isolaters, cables etc to clean usb up. The sound quality is fantastic and clean.

    In original box, perfect working condition, newest firmware of the XMOS chip (updated last week).

    Comes with a hand-made solid silver coax cable with sturdy rhodium connectors
    (cable = 75ohms as per coaxical specifications, guaranteed, few really are).

    PM me your offer(s). Retails for $170 excluding the cable.

    Screenshot of my DAC(excluded) using this kit: https://i.redd.it/04gb9c4n6ri01.jpg
    If you're interested in the EL Dac too maybe we could reach a combination price

    My Feedback: eBay(162)
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
  2. Baten
  3. headiophile
    still available, or long gone?
  4. Baten
    ahh gone, sorry will update

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