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    I'm selling my wonderfull P700- U do to change for a high end tube amp.
    The amp is in perfect condition (as new). It's 3 years old, 230V version
    Price from new : 4000 €
    Sold in original packaging
    Paypal accepted (4% fess in add)


    The Luxman P-700u is a marvel of electronics with transistors at the service of the amplification of high-end headphones. Whatever the impedance of our helmet or helmets, whatever their sensitivity, the pure class A operation of the P-700u and its great subjective power, will ensure that our headphones "give" their maximum

    TRUE symmetric, the P-700u transports the signal in phase and in phase inversion and brings the signal-to-noise ratio to 115dB!

    Totally silent, equipped with an excellent volume potentiometer "Lecua", the P-700u is equipped with XLR connectors input and output.

    We can thus "attack" symmetrical (two inputs) from two balanced sources via XLR cords, but also asymmetric (an input) via RCA cables.

    The P-700u is also equipped with a selector called "Sensitivity", in fact, a gain selector.

    Very practical things:

    It is possible to connect three helmets to the P-700u at the same time. But the two 6.35 jack will not work simultaneously with XLR3

    Indeed, two headphones can be connected in 6.35mm jack and a third headphone can be connected to the two XLR3 balanced outputs. A small push button lets you switch from 6.35 to XLR3.

    It's a real pleasure to manipulate this amp! With each intervention on a selector, the small "cliqueti" of the internal relays remind us the incredible quality of manufacture of the P-700u and this, to such a point that it makes me think of a superb timepiece

    Musically, the P-700u is for me the best transistor amplifier available today in France and imported legally, with all conformities to European standards.

    Direct comparisons will confirm this.

    Only above the P-700u are the two tube amps, Viva Audio 845 and 2A3
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  2. lagoduche
  3. lagoduche
    Price drop from 2700 to 2400 € all fees in add.
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  4. lagoduche
    Price droped to 2200 €
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  5. quantx
    Headphones, not helmets. Helmets are for bikers ans skiers.
  6. lagoduche
    Price droped to 2000 €

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