*-* SOLD - Like Brand New Sennheiser HD650 w/ Cardas Cable *-*
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Mar 18, 2010
SOLD $400 incl. ship/pp fees

Sennheiser HD650
w/ Cardas Cable (10.25 ft.)
Like brand new! About 5 hours total use.
$450 includes shipping & insurance to lower 48, & all PayPal Fees.
International Shipping no problem, I'll pay 1st $25 shipping
but you pay remaining shipping and assume any risks.
(Pads look gray in closeup photo, however they are deep black).​
Both can/cable are basically brand new.  Traded them a few days ago from another guy who only used them a few hours, and I only used them a few hours before I decided to sell them in favor of the K701.  That puts total usage on this new pair of cans about 5 hours max.  To my eyes, they look and sound brand new.
Sadly, I don't have the box or stock cable, as I did not receive this in the trade.  However, the person I got them from, who just moved his office hence the confusion, is looking for them due to interest from potential buyers.  In addition, Sennheiser has a stock cable for $12.55, and I will purchase one for you if you really want it, and send it direct to your address after the sale.
Well, the best price I found on the HD650 with warranty is $339.  Cardas Cable for 650, on eBay, from just 3 sellers ranges from $155 - $175.  So, I am offering them together for $450 including all shipping, full insurance to their destination in the lower 48, and PayPal fees ALSO... I think that's a mighty good deal.  They are basically brand new.  And again, if you want the stock cable for some reason, I'll have one sent to your address from Sennheiser at the time of the sale.
This nets me $400 or so if I'm lucky, (minus the stock cable if you want it).  I hope you agree that's a good deal.  Hopefully I'll update this ad soon (if it's still here! Ack!) and will have the box and paperwork.

HD650 Sound Pro/Con IMHO:

HD650 Pros:  Far better bass than K701, for example, deep and realistic without being overpowering like, say, the M50 or D2000 (both of which I love).  Beautiful, accurate Sennheiser sound.  Near-perfect frequency response for an open can.  Super-duper comfortable fit: snug but not too tight, oval ear pads that fit close the the ear and are extremely comfortable.  Better sound isolation, but still an open can.  The Glenlivet of headphones; in other words, not "spectacular" but the perfect standard by which others are judged, again, IMHO.


HD650 Cons:  That famous "veil."  (Some people like to take the padding over the drivers off, and say this solves the issue; some don't like it).  Solid, but somewhat "lifeless" or "dull" sound.  Doesn't excite me.  Famously good soundstage, but not nearly even close to as good as the K701 IMHO.  Very clear difference to me.  The K701 has nowhere near the quality of sound reproduction, or "fullness" of the HD650, but has very clear and open, "airy" detail separation whereas the HD650 tends to get bogged down and muddy with intricate details on busy passages.  Again, I think this is the "veil" thing.  


[size=medium]Using a Glow Audio One as my testing source for these Pro/Con notes.[/size]






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