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SOLD : LH LightSpeed Revive USB

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  1. Valens7
    I have a LightSpeed Revive USB signal re-clocker by LH Labs for sale. I'm the second owner, having purchased this from its original buyer several months ago. Letting it go in order to fund new acquisitions.

    In terms of both sound quality and general stability, the Revive is the best USB gizmo that I've used thus far. It can also double as a battery backup for a DAP or smartphone in a pinch. Cosmetically, there's a bit of subtle mottling on the underside of the Revive's aluminum casing, but nothing serious. Excellent condition, overall.

    This Revive will ship in its original packaging, along with a modest assortment of (cheap) USB cables. Nothing fancy, just a set of quality (i.e. verified) wires to facilitate convenient operation.

    I would prefer to sell this item to a buyer within the USA. That said, I'm open to the prospect of an international sale, so if you live outside the USA feel free to send me a PM. I'll see what I can do to accommodate you. Price includes the cost of domestic shipping.

    Photos available on request. PayPal only, please.

    Edit: After cleaning, the aforementioned chassis markings dissipated. About as close to pristine as a used, open-box unit can get.
  2. WilsonT90
    Interested. I pm'd
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