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  1. stenog
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Europe
    Selling a mint condition V20, basically new. I got it beginning of November 2017. I bought it as my secondary smartphone(my G6 is my primary) but I haven't really used it, so no need for me to keep it. I have charged it less than 20 times and generally not used it much.

    This is the Asian version and can be used all over Europe. Note it does not support all local languages, but it does have English, French, German and a few other languages.

    Price is 165 euro and includes shipping and PayPal fees.


  2. laurentplop
  3. stenog
    Thanks didn't think about this. It should be the H 990ds dual. To be honest I don't know the difference in these models.

    Edit: According to the link above, this is the Taiwanese version!

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
  4. Rodeodave
  5. stenog
    It's android 7.0. The same as my G6. LG is not the fastest with updates, but i believe both will get Android 8.0 sometimes in the future.
  6. laurentplop
    This all the bands I need (which is more than many phones sold for the European market!) and has a removable battery, something the V30 won't have. Root situation is still not ideal but there seem to be hope.

    PM sent!
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