SOLD: Late 2014 Mac mini 3.0GHz i7 16GB RAM / Excellent

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    IMG_0320.jpg Sold! is my excellent Late 2014 Mac mini 3.0GHz i7 with 16GB RAM Memory, but no Hard Drive... you can install whatever HD you like. I have been using it booted up on an external HD. It is in excellent condition and operates like a Mac mini should. I have used it in both design... Adobe Indesign... and as a music server. I purchased it used 2 weeks ago. When I discovered it did not have a hard drive installed, the seller would not take it back. If I had steady hands, which I do not, I would keep it and install a SSD. This is the very latest Mac mini and is fast, even booted up on an external drive. I am asking $695, and I pay the PayPal fee and shipping cost to continental USA.

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