SOLD: Klipsch Image X10 *Factory Sealed*
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Solid Snake

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Oct 21, 2007
I just received my brand new Image X10 back from Klipsch after my old pair were breaking on me.

More details here:

So, instead of keeping these puppies, I am going to sell them.

They are factory sealed, brand new!

Price: $190 SHIPPED

It will come with original invoice receipt which is required for any replacements with Klipsch. The nice thing about their warranty is that they do not attempt to fix these. Instead, they are exchanged for a brand new one just like mine.

I will take money order or paypal (+3%)

ConUS orders only

The sound from these are simply fantastic. I have tried a handful of ear buds/IEMs. These are by far the best sounding IEM I have ever heard so far. They have a very warm sound with high clarity and very punchy, well textured tight bass. To my ears, they have a very similar sound signature to the DT880.

I do not have my digital camera at the moment but they look exactly like the photo below. When I get it back, I will post a pic.


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