[SOLD] Kimber Kable Silver Streak Balanced Interconnects (0.5m)

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    Selling these like new Kimber Kable Silver Streak Balanced Interconnects (0.5m). One end is terminated in WBT-0114Ag, the other in Switchcraft XLR with silver plated pins. Remarkably built, the Silver Streak Balanced is different than the regular Silver Streak, containing two silver conductors and one copper while the regular one is the reverse. I am asking $300 shipped, and that includes the PayPal fee. I will only ship to continental US.

    Note these follow a non-standard pinout or something to that effect. It works magnificently with my Chord Hugo 2, so I'd expect it to work with any Chord DAC. If you purchase this and hear nothing but a loud hum, then I will of course accept a return since that means this interconnect is incompatible with your setup.

    I am the first owner and they were purchased on August 9, 2018. Reason I'm selling: I mistakenly thought this would be the point of diminishing returns for analog interconnects, but then I tried a Kimber Kable Hero AG and found out that's not the case with a Stax SR-009 system. So now I am selling these and looking to move to a Kimber Select KS-1030 or Tara Labs RSC Air Evolution or several others in that price range.

    Includes the fancy jewelry case packaging plus a nice Kimber bag.




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    Bump, added photo of the aforementioned bag.
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    I’ve just special ordered a RCA to mini-jack silver streak from the U.K. dealer. The 2 core copper and 1 core silver version.
    Plan is to use it between my Chord Mojo and Stax SR-2170. It was either that or the Audioquest Victoria. Hope I’ve made the right move as it isn’t returnable due to a custom order.

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