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Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by a-LeXx, May 2, 2018.
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  1. a-LeXx
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    Hi All,

    I'm bored and want to check out some new hps

    I have 2 headphones to offer for trade:

    1. Sony CD3000 in an original storage box with new ear pads, I will replace the headband with a new one of DT880, as an original disintegrated and I had to remove it. No scratches, they have seen only a very moderate use and were resting in the box for the past 7 years...

    2. An almost mint K1000 in a wooden storage box, also with very light usage.

    I would prefer to trade, I'm currently looking for a Clear and/or Aeon Flow Closed Back version. If you are interested - just make me some offers ,we can always discuss the conditions per PM. If you want to buy one of my phones - please make a reasonable offer per PM. But as I said, I would prefer a trade...

    Edit: adding some pictures of K1000. If you‘d like to buy them, that would be 890 Euro + postage.

    I'm located in Germany, but will ship worldwide.

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  2. a-LeXx
    K1000 is now for sale, 890 Euro + postage
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  3. tehchewy
    PM me, Willing to trade aeon flow closed with extra unopened brand new pads + I pay postage
  4. a-LeXx
    CD3000: trade with Danbieladz pending
  5. a-LeXx
    Update: trade with Danbieladz aborted.

    Beware! Danbieladz is a scammer!

    Never sent me a tracking ID. Told me first he will be out for a week because of work, the next day told me he is away for a week because he is on vacation. He seems to be not able to decide whether he is away because of work or because of vacation. At the same time he is lurking here on the forums, I was following on his activity. He spent quite a long time on a 'for sale' forum, also writing some PMs to other forum members.
    He also had some mismatches in the address he provided. When asked to explain all this, he just disappeared and stopped communication, although still being active on the forum...

    CD3000 are again available for the trade.
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  6. ebjarrell
    I'm afraid I may have been taken by this dude as well. Traded my Onkyo DAP for his Focal Elear. They were "shipped" on May 25th and haven't arrived yet.
  7. a-LeXx
    He ‚traded‘ his Elear for my CD3000 as well, supposedly shipped ‚his’ Elear on Monday.... He must have a dozen of Elears... I‘ve got PMs from other people scammed by him as well. Definitively a scammer...

    Anyway, bump for my headphones, my CD3000 and K1000 are still looking for a new home!
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
  8. ebjarrell
    Whatever he sent, it's stuck in Italy.
  9. a-LeXx
    CD3000: trade with milkyspray pending
  10. headphones1999
    please share his address so when he will change an account people will know thats still him
  11. a-LeXx
    I don‘t think I‘m allowed to, this scammer was using an address of real person who might or might not be involved.
    The admins here have been notified and have disabled this account, they will undertake all the necessary steps in regards to address I guess..

    Back to the topic:
    CD3000: trade with milkyspray pending, goods will be shipped soon
    K1000: still available. Money or zrade offers welcome, would also consider other cans not mentioned in my list...
  12. sofastreamer
    which list?
  13. a-LeXx
    See thread description
  14. sofastreamer
    a list of two?
  15. a-LeXx
    Correct. Y r u asking, anything to trade?
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