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SOLD Jotunheim- black with multibit module $420

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  1. terminatetrails
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Purchased in Dec. 2016 direct from Schiit with original dac module. Installed the multibit module as soon as it came out in March 2018 (you can see it lying flat through the vent, the OG module sat vertically) . It has faithfully fed my powered studio monitors and office hp's ever since.
    However, the itch to go up the ladder (like $2k up!) has gotten the better of me and I have to unfortunately let this go.
    There is a slight defect in the paint/metal from the factory on the top front (visible in 2nd pic) and other minor use marks. Also, when I installed the mb module I could not get the notorious led to perfectly line up but it is still blindingly visible!
    You need to know that the usb implementation with this dac doesn't like my iPhone but works fine with computers and my OTG connected Pioneer dap.
    Fedex shipping and Paypal included. Original box, padding and power cable also included. US sales and PayPal only unless you are local and want to pick it up. If so, we should definitely be friends and jam!
    IMG_1178.jpg IMG_1179.jpg IMG_1180.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
  2. terminatetrails
  3. terminatetrails
    Price drop
  4. terminatetrails
    Price drop
  5. terminatetrails
    Buyer backed out
  6. trellus
    Title still says SOLD -- just for clarification, is this back up for sale?
  7. terminatetrails
    Sold means Sold
  8. trellus
    Thanks - but I recall seeing “SOLD” in the title and then the last message after that saying the buyer backed out, leaving some ambiguity.

    Please remember to ask the moderators to close the thread per the stickied thread in this forum (by reporting the original post) so that the thread is closed and there is no ambiguity.
  9. terminatetrails
    Thanks for the tip. I had written "sale pending", but I can understand the ambiguity.
    trellus likes this.
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