SOLD : Joseph Grado SR100 w/ HP1000 drivers
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Sep 3, 2006
Montréal, Québec, Canada.
Ok Head-Fi, I never thought I'd have to part with them but a golden opportunity has shown up (Grado HP1000) and this sale is needed.

Here is for sale a pretty rare Joseph Grado model :

A pair of SR100 (Silver lettering) with factory HP1000 drivers &
Grado Signature Laboratory Standard Audio Cable.

As far as I know, I have never seen any other SR100 like this, most other HP1000 driven SR100 have red lettering.

I've done 2 reversible mods on them, I've replaced the standard plastic SR100 housings with a pair of unlettered Alessandro MS2i aluminum housings, which is a huge upgrade IMO. Secondly, I installed a Beyerdynamic DT880 headband with bubble wrap, to protect the Joe Grado headband & for improved comfort.

These comes also with the original box in fairly good condition and the original warranty/instructions papers. The Joe Grado headband is in excellent condition, the L/R letters are 99% still there, the lettering on the SR100 cups is 95% still there, the cable is in perfect condition, almost new. The drivers have no channel imbalance and the mesh screens are still in pretty good shape. These headphones were handled with care since their arrival.

Here are some pictures I took.

Overall package :

Left driver :

Right driver (the glue-alike substance on the top right is stock from the factory & has no effects on the sound):

Cable :

Headband's bottom :

Headband's top :

Original box & papers :

More pictures available on request.

Here's a few quotes from Head-Fiers about my pair :

Originally Posted by philodox
The Quebec SR100's. Not sure who's pair I listened to, but they were excellent out of the Melos CD player [gorgeous unit] and the Melos amp.


Originally Posted by gp_hebert
Those were awesome phones for the price, just a bit under the mighty HP-2 in terms of clarity and overall sound.


Originally Posted by pompon
I like them. Very neutral, average bass (I am not a bass head, so was ok for me) and non fatiguing highs. Vocals was good. [...] But I think, it's worth the listening and very glad to heard them.


Originally Posted by papomaster
I liked the way these had a very balanced presentation overall, compared to the agressive upper midrange of my ATs and the sennheiser veil.

If you need a price reference, a pair of Grado SR200 with the same drivers/cable, no mesh screens, no box/papers, no MS2i housings & Beyer Headband, went for $850. Discussion thread about this :

So I'm looking at selling these for SOLD $995 USD + shipping/paypal fees SOLD.

I don't really want to separate all this package, I'm looking to sell this as a whole. Good condition TTVJ flats will be included.

If you're interested in these very rare headphones, please reach me by PM. Please note that this is not a final sale, I'll make a decision on this sale once I'll have a few potential buyers and if the deal I'm on works out.

Best regards,


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