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Dec 28, 2009
Clean pair of JH13FPs in perfect working order. I'm not the 1st owner and got them a while back intending to reshell since I think it's still the most correct JHA ever made. A touch extra low bass but an IEM the was close to the harmon curve before it was a thing. The only area where I think some top modern IEMs are better is when they use 4 tweeters tuned just right but the highs on these is still obviously right on song. The fellow that had them before me had very small ears so I put some foamies over the tips and guess what, worked great. It does expand the tips a bit but the same size tips I usually use are what I need to use with these.

Small tips didn't expand quite enough for my always medium tip ears. Small foamies will fit the smaller side of medium to medium ears and the medium foamies will fit med to the small side of large. etc. Now I can't guarantee that these will work exactly as they do for me but it's very likely you'll find a fit. I also don't recommend those that use small tips buy these unless you plan on reshelling or are willing to chance a fit without added tips but anyone that normally uses any medium to large tips should be able to get a good seal with and flush fit.

Comes with a standard type cable plus small and medium foamies.

firm. Includes shipping and fees to USA only for now.
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