SOLD: iPod Photo 60GB - Worldwide *thanks timmymac for sale bump*
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Jun 29, 2007
[size=small]ok time to clean up and clarify this deal[/size],
i have had far too many timewasters and people who think i am shipping this to their door free of charge, even though its always stated the costs, seems some people just refuse to read the advert

my price is absolutely FIRM, and will never come down. as i will simply keep the classic unit myself rather than sell for any less.

i am looking to come away with one hundred pounds on the ipod after fees

i also am going to charge you actual shipping to receive this (perish the thought)

if you are in the UK shipping is free

if you are abroad it is £15 air mail insured (if it is any cheaper i will refund the difference to you!)

these prices are before paypal fees, if you want to pay via paypal add 3.4% to the total unless you are able to send as a personal gift payment in which case there is no fee!

for example, if you are interested and you are [size=small]not in the uk[/size], then this ipod is likely to cost you £SOLD(for the ipod) + £15(shipping) + 3.4%(paypal)

international buyers total £SOLD insured shipped to your door including all fees.

thank you


4th Gen, white, ipod photo 60gb, mint

ideal for someone perhaps wanting a cheap way to get an imod on this classic unit.

dont see these new very often at all.

new but taken out of the box but never used (no word of a lie)

unwanted gift for my mother, she never used it.

it comes with all original items/original box, i even have a sealed full invisible shield for it which i will throw in

ships from the UK

asking £SOLD/$SOLD + shipping, i paid £250 as this was the only new sealed unit on ebay at that time, 3 months ago!!!!!!!

shipping anywhere else apart from the uk, is likely to cost me about £15 priority insured. any less will be refunded.

domestic shipping £FREE

paypal only. payment in GBP/£ only - please use gift paypal or add the 3.4% fee

will ship anywhere in the world!!!!


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