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[SOLD] ifi idsd micro black DAC/AMP

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  1. Justin0505
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    ****SOLD**** Thanks!

    Final price drop here: just barely over half-price from new (these are up to $600 on amazon now: https://www.amazon.com/iDSD-Black-L...qid=1521619078&sr=8-4&keywords=ifi+idsd+black).

    If not sold here soon I'll raise price and post on flea-bay.

    Bought form another Headfi-er a couple months ago who had maybe 40hrs on it. I've put about the same amount of time on it. Original owner didn't travel / use the battery nor have I beyond just checking that it works, so it should be in excellent condition. Neither of us registered it or filled out the warranty card. Looking at the pictures I realized that the rubber nub / cap on the switch on the bottom that changes the RCA from pre-amp to direct is missing. The switch still functions perfectly, and IMO this actually prevents accidentally flipping it when sliding on your desk and potentially drastically jumping the power/volume going the speakers significantly. It's something that I'm certainly IFI would send a free replacement for if you wanted it, but I actually prefer it not be there.
    The rest of it looks and functions perfectly as it's only ever been on a desk or in its box (which I have along with all the accessories).

    I'm only considering selling it because I never travel with it and I'm moving to a full-sized fully balanced desktop setup. I'd consider keeping it just for the remarkably good DAC. The AMP is shockingly powerful and surpasses anything I've seen in even close to the same size - (4W / channel on TURBO!!).

    New reduced price: $320 - I'll pay USPS Priority shipping to the US; buyer pays PP fees (if applicable).
    I'd only consider trades towards a deskop balanced DAC (+ cash on my end)

    Pics for those interested:
    20180309_003754.jpg 20180309_003808.jpg 20180309_003833.jpg 20180309_003855.jpg 20180309_003910.jpg 20180309_003929.jpg 20180309_004411.jpg

    Video for anyone not familiar with it:
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
  2. Justin0505
    Pics added
  3. Justin0505
    Price droooop
  4. Justin0505
  5. Justin0505
    price drop.
  6. Cann3dh33t
  7. kuutan
  8. Justin0505
    ...aaaaaand SOLD! Thanks!
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