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Sold: iFi Audio micro iDSD BL (mint)

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  1. silvahr
    iFi Audio micro iDSD BL in mint condition with less than 20 operating hours.
    Bought June 2017 and with warranty up to June 2019.
    In original box and with original accessories.

    Highly recommended DAC/headphone amplifier.
    Altough I really like the sound (the overall tone and control), output power and battery life, I'm selling it because my actual headphones/IEM's don't need such power and because I don't get use to stack (I perfer use only DAP).
    My desktop amp is a Violectric V100 and IMO the overall sound has similarities.

    Shipping cost to Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, Luxemborg and UK included in the price (tracking number provided, insurance of the global value and priority mail 3-5 days).

    Shipping to other destinations please PM me.

    Only to Pay Pal verified (Pay Pal fee included).




    Last edited: Sep 7, 2017
  2. silvahr
  3. silvahr
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  5. silvahr
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