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SOLD: Ibasso DX80. used, price in CAD. Canada Only.

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  1. TjPhysicist
    iBasso DX80 - 100CAD OBO. Please note that I don't have the original box or most of the original extras, the following extras are included:
    • 8GB sdcard (for upgrades)
    • 1 foot BlueJeansCable - digital Coaxial mini (right angle) to Digital Coaxial cable. (pic below)
      • works to connect dx80 to DAC via digital Coaxial.
      • 1 foot Belden 1505F Coax: mini 1/8" (2 pole) right angle to RCA
    • USB micro to USB charging cable. NOT the original cable it came with.

    pic of the BJC cable:

  2. Drsparis
    Pm'ed! I want it!
Thread Status:
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