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(Sold)iBasso DX200Ti (Rare Titanium Version) Package (AMP4s + AMP8)

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  1. gc335
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    After a lot of consideration I have decided to sell this rare DX200Ti. I bought it off a fellow Headfier about a month ago. It sounds amazing but I'd rather free up the funds for something else as I use my Hugo 2 at home and my iPhone/iSine20 on the road.

    The player is in excellent condition and is running the Lurker software. There are a few factory imperfections. This is a known issue and is a result of the type of material used. There is a slight imperfection on the top of the player that has been there since new. It's very minor and I wasn't really able to catch it on the picture.

    Ideally I would like to sell as a package deal. I'm also throwing in an excellent Valintinum leather case. The price is firm. US only please.

    Shipping is extra but PayPal is included.

    Please PM me if you are interested or have questions.

    896B13AE-E043-4E89-AC30-534523D7F3B3.jpeg EC603625-0B39-4B00-9B0E-270E75D3797D.jpeg 0A0C42E1-E1FA-49B2-94E5-29A531052628.jpeg 1D25D826-A617-4842-BE10-010412541F0B.jpeg EC5249D7-6024-4C7D-8BE4-C9C9B7511E9E.jpeg 4CA1B9C7-7687-44EF-8493-340EA6C00C51.jpeg 724F2475-E25F-47F5-B1AB-D108DB726D11.jpeg 90D54356-CEDE-4DDD-B1CB-F645EE67B355.jpeg CD6A8417-B826-46C9-866A-DD1B5C68C9AA.jpeg 694EC50A-C342-4C12-A7B4-68D1B23BC554.jpeg 3336A47A-75C5-4843-B644-63219CE10A39.jpeg
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2018
  2. linux4ever
    A free bump

    Good price with a rare and not available amp4s that's much loved. Plus the equally loved amp8.

    With the v2 Android 8.1 beta this player sounds excellent. Any buyer that gets this is in for a treat.

    I've dx200ti with Amp4, amp4s and amp8 Also the k-mod Sony wm1z. And I love both.

    Good luck with your sale.
    gc335 likes this.
  3. gc335
    Thanks buddy! But stop!!! haha I might change my mind!

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