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SOLD: Ibasso DX200 with amp1 and amp8 (sale or trade)

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  1. newtophones07
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    I will post pics in a few, I am still in my office posting this

    I would like to save up some $$, to get a SP1000, so I figure I would post my DX200 to gauge interest.

    There is a small scratch on the finish on the lower left corner. No dents, but I scratched it with my keys. The leather case (brown) is a little worn, as I carry the device in my pocket. Everything is perfect. Both amps are perfect, I used the amp1, for maybe an hour, then I bought the amp8.
    I have all the cables, box, burn in adapter, etc.

    Trades, if you got em, would include:

    *Campfire Cascade (will need some cash to even it up)
    *ZMF Eikon (I'll add some cash to even it up)
    *AK SP1000M (I'll add cash of course)
    *Focal Elegia-used-even trade
    *Kef LS50 speakers-used-(I'll add some cash to even it up)
    *I need a Panasonic TZ100 or Canon G7 Mark II compact camera
    * a nice music server, maybe a Bluesound Vault 2i or Powernode 2i, Node2i or Aurender

    USPS Priority, and PayPal included. I ship pretty fast.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2018
  2. newtophones07
    Few body pics, Pic #5 has the small chip in the corner paint( it's very small, lower rt corner right at the seam where the amp connects).

    I have the box and cables, if someone wants I will post those two. Also the screen has a glass protector that I imported from Japan. 20181222_172151.jpg 20181222_172221.jpg 20181222_172151.jpg 20181222_172221.jpg 20181222_172237.jpg 20181222_172253.jpg 20181222_172313.jpg 20181222_172325.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
  3. newtophones07
    End of the week bump. Portable Native offline DSD512, ready for trade.
  4. John0405
    Hello ! Still available ?
  5. newtophones07
    Yes I still have it for sale, or trades work too.
  6. John0405
    Pm sent

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