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SOLD: Ibasso D2+ Boa (Silver Model) & Head Direct iPod LOD [CONUS ONLY]

  1. zdkaiser
    I am selling (or possibly trading) my Ibasso D2+ Boa Amp/DAC.
    It comes with leather carrying pouch & usb cable.
    The battery has good life left, as the amp hasn't seen much use from me.
    I am selling because I rarely use the amp. I have no need for a portable setup at the moment. The amp is in mint condition. Everything works as new. As for trades, I am looking for a mint pair of Beyer DT770 Pro 80s or Senn HD-25i II.
    I am looking for $130 shipped for the Ibasso alone.
    Paypal as a gift only.
    Ships from West Virginia.
    Thanks for looking.
  2. zdkaiser
    a little bit of interest, but nothing definite yet. bumpski.
  3. lentiman
    I'm interested.  I'm trying to get a good starter amp that's better than a FiiO E7.  At this point I think that would be anything.  I'm also looking at a RSA Mustang or RSA Predator or HeadAmp Pico.  Driving DT990 or AKG 702
  4. zdkaiser
  5. zdkaiser
    Sale pending on the LOD.
    Bump for lowered amp price. $130shipped just for the amp, leather pouch, and charging USB cable.
  6. zdkaiser

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