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[SOLD]: HifiMAN HE-6 only 5months old and perfect condition, accessories included

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  1. Timestretch
    For Sale
    Hi all. I have a fine set of HE-6 planar magnetic headphones. They are pretty awesome, but I've sort of decided that I like certain other things more than headphones and haven't been giving these the attention they deserve. Might as well sell it off and recoup expenses, right?
    I ordered these from Head-Direct on Janurary 31, 2012. I received them promptly and have taken excellent care of them, storing them on a sennheiser headphone holder when not in use. They are in the exact same pristine condition as they were when I purchased them brand new only 5 months ago. I have only used the leather earpads - the velour are still in their bags totally untouched. Also, I have a carrying case thing that says HifiMAN -- never used. The headphones fit very nicely in this case. 
    I have shaky hands and only have a smartphone as a camera, so I apologize if the pictures are not as high quality as a professional might provide. But, please let me know and I will take more pictures in different lighting environments if you think that's cool. 
    I don't have too much to say about these -- they are the best headphones I've heard except for the LCD-3 (those are really nice in my opinion), and the bass is great and everything sounds very clear and smooth and precise, etc -- they are top-flight headphones, of course they sound great!  
    Don't be too put back by all the nay-sayers who say you need a mega-amp to power them at all, these actually sound pretty good out of a Benchmark DAC1, sound great out of a Schiit Lyr, sound perfectly fine out of an old class a stereo receiver, etc. They are hard to power, yes, but their infamy is (in my own opinion) a little bit exaggerated and they will sound great if you have a strong amplifier.   
    I'll cover shipping costs for this and send it via UPS (with whatever various protections and high quality packaging they offer, etc). 
    I am also going to sell my Schiit Lyr (that's sold).   
    Lastly, let it be known that I'll take reasonable offers for these. 
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