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SOLD: Hifiman HE-560

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  1. auvgeek
    For sale is a HE-560 that I purchased on here in nearly-new (basically open box) condition in spring 2015. They are truly fantastic headphones, but they have not seen much head time since I purchased the HE-6 in spring 2016.

    Overall they are in good condition with no major issues* or significant wear. Comes with Focus and Focus-A pads and the wooden box.

    *Full disclosure: the stock cable is a little finicky and very occasionally sound to the right ear phone will drop out. I am sure the problem is entirely with the cable not the headphones (they work fine with the cable from the HE-6), and it has been happening since I received them. I personally just touch the cable if the ear phone drops out and that's always resolved the issue for me. But at this price, you can afford to replace with a decent aftermarket cable, if you want.

    Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. No international shipping, and no trades. They are all packed up and ready to ship! They will ship in the original Hifiman packaging.

    DSC07291.JPG DSC07293.JPG DSC07299.jpg DSC07297.JPG DSC07296.JPG
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2017
  2. thegreatpeng
  3. thegreatpeng
    still available?
  4. Burtron5
  5. auvgeek
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