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SOLD: Hifiman He-560 (new version), Meze 99 Classics, RHA MA750i

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  1. BuddhaBruce
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    My first sale thread here! I've got a few confirmed trades on /r/hardwareswap and /r/avexchange.

    Looking to sell of some cans to make room for new ones, might be interested in Focal Elears or Mr Speakers AEONs. :)

    **Timestamps** https://imgur.com/a/AdzTN

    #Hifiman HE-560

    **Condition: 9/10** I gave it a 9 simply because I've owned it for a few months (since March). Other than that, there are flawless. No scratches or dents.

    I love these cans. One of my first *higher end* pair of headphones. The sound is detailed and distinct while the sound stage envelopes you. It's very fun listening to classical music where you can really hear distinction and positioning in instruments. Acoustics music sounds phenomenal, as does rock and jazz.

    I'm including the stock FocusPads as well as the Hifiman velour pads found on the HE-6. I'm also throwing in Ether C pads as well as an additional set of pad rings ($70 extra!). Seen in the pics are the Ether C pads which help add to the comfort and soundstage to the 560s. Bass also sees more of a thump with these. All original accessories included. I will not ship without its case as it will be safest in there.

    **Price:** $430.00 (does not include shipping or pp fee)


    #Meze-99 Classics

    **Condition: 10/10** I've owned these for a few months (2?) and put about 50 hours on them. No deths or scratches on the headphones at all! Wooden cups are pristine.

    For the price, you cannot beat these closed cans. They're punchy, detailed, and have great sound stage for a closed back pair of cans. Compared to the 560s the bass on these seriously hit harder. ULTRA comfortable and light weight. I love the look on these; they're retro yet new. Clean silver metal accents to the wooden cups. Never found the time to use these as I initially wanted these to work with a bike

    Includes all original accessories including both long and short cables (remote buttons)

    **Price:** $240.00 (does not include shipping or pp fee)

    #RHA MA 750i

    **Condition 9/10:** Even if you wanted to, it'd be pretty impossible to break these! Amazing build quality. No signs of wear, but I gave it a 9/10 since I used one pair of ear bud things. Wire has a crease in it. Nothing major.

    The treble on these are amazing. Sound is clear and direct and for it's price again, is hard to beat. These can go with you anywhere and don't require amping.

    Includes carrying case and all the buds pictured.

    **Price:** $60.00 (does not include shipping or pp fee)
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2017
  2. kobe22
  3. BuddhaBruce
    Meze has been SOLD
  4. BuddhaBruce
    RHA Ma750i SOLD
  5. BuddhaBruce
  6. BuddhaBruce
    All sold

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