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SOLD: Hifiman EF2 Amp/Dac

  1. aryastark90
    I am selling a Hifiman EF2 headphone Amplifier/DAC
    1x Hifiman Ef2
    2x stock tubes
    1x USB cable
    1x Power adapter
    original box it came shipped in
    It is working great and in perfect condition. I am selling because I do all my listening with a portable amp on the go, so the EF2 rarely gets used.
    SOLD shipped ConUS Paypal Only
    IMG_3970.jpg IMG_3977.jpg IMG_3984.jpg IMG_3991.jpg
  2. aryastark90
    Price dropped to $145 shipped
  3. aryastark90
    bump price drop
  4. chirs
    will PM
  5. mralexosborn
    Keep this for another three months then we will talk. XD
  6. aryastark90
  7. camms
    no line-level outputs?
  8. lerkur
    how old is this ef2?
  9. m3ta1head
    YGPM, I will take it.

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