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SOLD : Hifiman EF-6

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  1. Daanvand
    Selling my Hifiman EF-6 which i have used with my Hifiman HE-6.
    Also offered the HE-6 with the EF-6 combined but now will try to sell the EF-6 separately first.

    The amplifier is in great working condition, got the invoice but don't have the box anymore. If shipped i will make sure it's well packed. Pickup or a listing session would be possible in Noordwijkerhout in the Netherlands.

  2. Daanvand
    Wrong Category (sorry!), don't know how to move it to amplifier?
  3. MaceHane2
    Now separated from the joint-with HE6 pairing, this is an insanely great deal!
    I almost wish I didn't already have this because at this price it is a complete steal.
    It's also great with Audeze headphones.
    I honestly would have thought your pricing would have been the reverse, the higher for the amp.
    Seriously folks, this is a genuine world class amp.
    Good luck with the sale.

    Be well.
  4. Daanvand
    Thanks for your kind reply.
    Got a lot of message of people wo would like to buy the HE6 separately but i would like to sell the amplifier first.
    And indeed it can drive every headphone out there, tried it with the LCD2 and the HE1000 which also sounded great.

    And when bought Hifiman stated there was a lifetime warranty on the amp, don't know if they changed that (Cant imagine they will keep repairing the amp over 40 years for free :) )?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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