SOLD: Headroom Regular Airhead (Only 3 weeks old!)
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New Head-Fier
May 2, 2002
This is the regular 4.5V Airhead (3x AAA).

I purchased this from Headroom on May 22 with the intention of using it with my PCDP. Since then I have purchased a minidisc and a pair of Koss KSC-35. I feel that the benefits of the amp with my new portable rig doesn't justify the extra hassle of carrying it around, so the Airhead is surplus to my needs.

Rather than send it back to Headroom (it's not as if it's their fault that I don't need it anymore), I thought I'd see if anyone here wanted it. I'm asking a paltry $90 with free shipping to any address in the United States. That's a 30% saving over buying it new.

I'm afraid I will only accept payment by Paypal, however Paypal do accept the major credit cards.

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