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SOLD: Headamp Pico Slim #177 (Worldwide)

  1. crumpler
    Headamp Pico Slim for Sale (Worldwide)
    1. Price: USD$SOLD + Shipping (Worldwide)
    2. Duration of use: 10hrs max, still on its first charge
    3. Reason for sale: Lack of use, using SM3+iPhone4
    4. Payment: Paypal (Gift)
    5. Condition: 10/10, no noticeable blemishes or scratches, sonically perfect
    6. Comes with full set of accessories as shown
    Please PM if interested! Item will be shipped worldwide from Singapore. Item currently in my possession is in 100% working condition. I bear no responsibility if buyer chooses not to acquire insurance for the purchase and item subsequently gets lost in the mail. Will send photographs as proof of postage. Check signature for feedback.
  2. crumpler

  3. the diode
    Do you happen to still have this?
  4. crumpler


  5. crumpler
    Item currently on hold! (5th Sept 10)
  6. obrienk
    any interest in a trade for a RSA protector balanced amp?
  7. crumpler


    Not at the moment, sorry!
  8. r2ymond
    Am interested in the Headamp Pico Slim and I'm from Singapore.

    Thought it'd be easier if you could sell it to me instead of shipping overseas.

    Contact me @ 9112 8583

  9. crumpler
    Item back up for sale! [​IMG]
  10. obrienk


    still no interest in a trade for a protector? [​IMG]
  11. crumpler


    Nope, sorry! [​IMG]
  12. assss
  13. crumpler

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