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[SOLD] HeadAmp pico Power

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  1. Valens7
    Glossy black HeadAmp pico Power for sale. It was purchased by me secondhand and I'm not familiar with its provenance. Despite its low serial number and thus relative age, the amp remains in excellent condition. Upon close inspection, I cannot find any significant sign of of wear. I rate this Power's overall condition as excellent. And its leather carrying sleeve remains fresh and lacking in tears or scuffs.

    One thing to bear in mind, with respect to condition. The internal PCB is slightly chipped along its exposed corners. But this is not damage! Rather, it's a careful adjustment that was made by HeadAmp before the amp shipped in order to ensure that the battery cover fit without issue. My understanding is that this had to be done to several of the early production pico Powers. The alteration has zero adverse effect.

    Have the pico's original box, in which it will be securely packed. It will ship with a spare set of thumbscrews for the battery cover, carrying case, and manual leaflet. The paint is a bit chipped on the spare thumbscrews, but otherwise there are no issues of concern.

    In addition to the amp itself, I'll throw in a pair of iPowerUS 9V 520mAh rechargeable batteries. These batteries are the latest, final revision of this particular battery, and feature rapid charging speed. To that end, I will also include the requisite iPowerUS 9V smart charger. Capacious 9V cells such as these should all but eliminate any battery life woes.

    I would prefer to sell this portable amp to a buyer within the USA. That said, I'm open to the prospect of an international sale, so if you live outside the USA feel free to drop me a line. I'll see what I can do to accommodate you. Price includes the cost of non-international shipping.

    Pics available on request. And thanks for reading.
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  2. Valens7
  3. Valens7
    Bump. Open to reasonable offers.
  4. Valens7
  5. Valens7
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